EST 2004


Shallow Fashion is a network of contractors run by production director & consultant, Courtney Cady. All work is contracted to the proper sources where Courtney manages and oversees each project with direction from the client. Courtney is able to direct the entire operation because she understands the big picture, as well as every detail in the production process.

Together with her team, Shallow Fashion works to execute from concept to finished product. Whether creating samples, establishing fit, or managing production; coordinating a formal presentation or runway show; shooting a look book or fashion film; building out a tradeshow, showroom, or retail space; Shallow Fashion provides expertise in making things happen.

Courtney is proud to conduct a majority of our sourcing and manufacturing in the US, and fancies herself a pioneer in the Made in USA revival. She has strong relationships with vendors, contractors and manufactures who deliver quality products. 

Basically, come up with ideas, and Shallow Fashion will make them happen.



Courtney Cady began her career in fashion in 1999, selling handmade surf trunks by seamstress Sato Hughes, who had been making bespoke shorts for Kanvas by Katin since 1961. A few years later, Courtney worked as a vintage buyer for Japanese distribution company Ragtime Cowboy and Imonni alongside owner and designer Eiko Wise. Eiko was ahead of the curve in terms of vintage reconstruction, ‘up-cycling’ oversized caftans and dated maxi dresses to create renewed clothing. From these two women, Courtney learned the details of fashion construction and handmade clothing production.

In 2004, Courtney established Shallow Fashion, in order to provide production assistance to emergent and established brands; manufacturing mostly in the US. As a result of her experience working closely with fabric mills, pattern makers, sample makers, tech designers, graders, cutters, sewers, printers and finishers—all in a factory setting—Courtney gained a diverse skill-set while establishing Shallow Fashion over the course of more than a decade in the industry. Given this tenure and her background in design, Courtney is an expert with regards to construction and production.

Courtney studied at the University of Southern California, earning a bachelor's degree in Visual Anthropology, and a second in Philosophy.

Courtney lives in NYC with her husband Daniel Kine, working bi-coastally between NYC and LA.