Illustration: Carrie Parry

Illustration: Carrie Parry


Below is a quick checklist of the things you'll need before you can start your clothing line:

Boring back-end things:

  1. Registered business name
  2. Wholesale license
  3. Federal Tax ID #

Business-oriented things:

  1. Sales model
  2. Retail price point

Once you've gotten all that off your checklist, you will need to decide when you'd like to launch. Even if you are only doing direct to consumer (web sales), it is important to consider the fashion calendar. Click here to see general deadlines according to the fashion calendar.

Only after this, do you get to do the fun, creative things.

Fun, creative things:

  1. Moodboard
  2. Color story
  3. Lineplan

After your lineplan is established, the following technical items should be in place:

  1. Fit
  2. Fabrics
  3. Trim

Many people struggle with this part of the process, so this is where a services like the Shallow Fashion come in handy. Fit is very tricky. So is finding fabric sources. And who is going to make your samples? This is all information that is usually beyond a new brand's scope.

You can try your best to figure this part out on your own, or if you have the funds, it is a very good idea to find consultants or product development services that can help you along the way.

Shallow Fashion offers these services for the entire United States. Please contact us if you need these types of services.