Since 'fashion film' first became a concept, I've been following, helping conceptualize, producing, and most importantly critiquing them. What makes a fashion film different from a commercial? I think the main distinction is that a fashion film tells a story and is less about the product. But that's really open to discussion.

This season, Prada made a fashion film that I think illustrates the difference between a fashion film and a commercial perfectly. And though there's more than one way to get to the top of a mountain, this route is my personal favorite.


David Lynch did a bunch with Dior and Marion Cottilard several years back that I also love. Pointless, sure... beautiful, definitely.

I love a good story with no meaning ❤️



Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Best Made Company. We made a lot of clothes in NYC, but we also worked in Europe and Peru.

This spring, while we were in Portugal, we toured a button factory, so I thought I'd share this little video. The coolest part about this factory, is that they recycle all left overs and make more buttons with them too!

How many times have you use buttons without even thinking about how much work goes into making them?