I work as a product developer and director of production management. I handle designs from idea to finished samples, all the way through bulk production. I can refer any suppliers, vendors, or contractors needed because my network is extensive. I am also able to maintain existing relationships established by brands prior to working together.



I currently work with Stateless, Jesse Kamm and have my own brand, Bagtazo. I am very selective with who I work with, so if you would like to work together, please ensure you are clear on what role(s) you want me to play in your brand prior to reaching out.


Before you reach out to work together, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Resale Certificate

    This is a wholesale license required to purchase fabrics and work with factories

  2. Tax ID Number

    If you plan to import any fabrics, a Tax ID number is required. Plus for tax purposes your business needs one, so you might as well set it up before you start anything else.

  3. Shipping account

    Either a Fedex or UPS account with a usable payment method attached. We use this to ship your raw materials where they need to go, as well as send samples and other goods.


These are the additional branches of a fashion business I do not handle but should be in place for any operating brand.
I can help refer in any of the following fields:

Graphic Design
Fit Model
Customer Service
Shipping to Customers