All work is contracted through me, Courtney Cady. I can refer any suppliers, vendors, or contractors needed by the client, my network is extensive. These contacts are yours to work with at the discretion of the participating parties, even after contractual work with Shallow Fashion is terminated. Any existing relationships established by the client can remain. The way we work together is up to you.





A 6 month starting contract is recommended for new clients with established brands. Seasonal (9 month) contract is recommended for clients who are just getting started. We can work together with just sourcing, or I manage product development and production, in addition to sourcing.

Monthly rate is negotiated prior to start date. Contracts include start and finish date. First month's fee is due up front and client is billed on a monthly basis with N30 terms thereafter. Client is responsible for all subcontracted invoices.

Hourly rate for consulting and management on an as-needed basis. This is option is to clients who have an established relationship with Shallow Fashion. No minimum hours. Client is billed on a monthly basis with N7 terms. Client is responsible for all subcontracted invoices.


I am very selective with who I work with, if you would like to work together, please ensure you are clear on what roles you want me to play in your business so we can make a clear agreement.


Before you reach out to work together, please make sure you have the following:

  1. Resale Certificate

    This is a wholesale license required to purchase fabrics and work with factories

  2. Tax ID Number

    If you plan to import any fabrics, a Tax ID number is required. Plus for tax purposes your business needs one, so you might as well set it up before you start anything else.

  3. Shipping account

    Either a Fedex or UPS account with a usable payment method attached. We use this to ship your raw materials where they need to go, as well as send samples and other goods.


These are the additional branches of your business you will need to have in place. I can help refer people to help with any of these, but hiring and management of the following positions will be the responsibility of the client:

Graphic Design
Fit Model
Customer Service
Shipping to Customers